Corvus Alpha

Peter Menzel
Peter Menzel
/ 10. Mar 2023

Survey Boat Corvus α

The survey boat Corvus α is a 7-meter vessel designed to cater to the needs of professional surveyors and research institutions. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this boat is adaptable and versatile, providing accurate readings in various water conditions. The boat is used for direct exploration of the Baltic Sea and the adjacent rivers, such as the Warnow, especially in shallow water areas. The Corvus α can be used, for example, to set small moorings, such as wave measuring buoys, or to deploy small ROVs, as well as to carry out high-resolution measurements of the seabed with a multibeam sonar.

The boat boasts a GFK hull, making it durable. It has a width of 2.8 meters, a draught of 0.9 meters, and a displacement of 4 tons. With a Volvo Penta TAMD-63P engine generating 360 horsepower, the boat can reach a speed of 12 knots with a range of 200 nautical miles, thanks to its 350 liter fuel capacity.

In addition to its general features, our survey boat comes with optional equipment, like Multibeam Echosounder (MBES), Side-scan Sonar, Subbottom Profiler, RTK, CTD or an ROV. These tools enable surveyors to obtain accurate measurements of the seafloor and other underwater features.

The survey boat has been used for various applications, including MBES measurements along the Warnow and the DOL, day charters for filming, mooring work, and the use of an ROV for inspection. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of surveying needs, including oceanographic research and environmental monitoring.