Volumetric Light Field Velocimetry

The Volumetric Light Field Velocimetry is a very new laser-optical nonintrusive measuring technique to measure all three components of the velocity vector within a three-dimensional space. Similar to PIV it needs seeding particles which are illuminated by a very strong light source within a very short time. By doing this two times within a short time, the movement of the particles can be detected. Do detect the 3D-movement of the particles with only one sensor, a special plenoptic camera is used. The particles then can be tracked to achieve a 3D-3C-Velocity field. This technique can be used to get an overview on the fluid flow and vortices with a very short measuring time. It allows the computing of all derivatives as the whole 3D-field is measured instantaneously.

In addition to the flow field measurement a 3D surface structure can be measured simultaniously.