Applied Ocean Research

Daniel Klembt
Daniel Klembt
/ 14. Mar 2024

Determination of the drag, lift and added mass coefficients of special unexploded ordnance (UXO) as a function of the Reynolds number and the burial depth

As part of the SERDP project MR21-1081, a major study was carried out focussing on the determination of the flow coefficients of unexploded ordnance (UXOs). Daniel Klembt and his team from Corvus Works, along with collaborators from the University of Rostock (Karsten Breddermann, Thomas Miethe and Henning Wranik), carried out extensive investigations to understand the effects of different burial depths on these coefficients.

The research took place over a period of almost two years, starting with model fabrication and numerical simulations in June 2022. Data was collected, and numerical simulations validated through wind tunnel experiments and the programming of a BEM model in MATLAB. In October 2022, extensive measurements were carried out on the models, followed by a month-long evaluation and validation phase.

The results of this study provide a deeper understanding of the hydrodynamic forces on UXOs and contribute to the development of modelling and simulation methods for maritime applications. The full paper was published in March and marks an important contribution to fluid dynamics research in the maritime domain.

The full article can be downloaded at this link: